School Building Action

Attention all Somerville Residents

Take Action!

Support Winter Hill school families!  

We told the City that the Winter Hill Community Innovation School building was falling apart and now it's happened!

A cement block fell in the stairwell and the school is closed for the year. 

Our kids are missing more valuable learning. 

Take over the City Council's Virtual Public Hearing

Monday June 5th, 7:30pm

Public Hearing Zoom Link 

Or consider writing an email in support of WHCIS to , , and .

The Mayor had time to strategize, plan and prepare.   Time has run out!   

The Mayor controls the budget for capital improvements. We need the City Council to do everything in its power to get the Mayor to foot the bill to fix Winter Hill. Here are things to demand of the City Council:

For tonight, attend the 7:30 public hearing on the budget (link) and state your support as a parent/caregiver/resident for